August 16, 2018
  • Welcome

    Welcome to LTD2 clan.. we are a respected Halo 1 clan and social community where fun and friendship is our main goal. At LTD2 we treat everyone alike - with mutual respect, responsibilty and sincerity. Our members are passionate about Halo 1 for PC and CE - and especially Unlimited Rockets on BloodGulch. Join us on our servers sometime and get to know us better.. Wink
  • Who are LTD2 ?

    LTD2 are a Halo 1 PC/CE gaming clan.. we play mainly CTF and Teamslayer with rockets on Bloodgulch map.. we also enjoy games on other maps too - mainly with shotguns. Our clan tag evolved from the company tag used in the UK - 'LTD'.. meaning 'Limited' as an investment or guarantee to the compan - although since LTD2's birth, we have always been known as 'Limited Edition' by most people - the '2' was probably added representing the 2 clan founders - LTD2-Reepo and LTD2-Fwank
  • History

    LTD2 clan was initially formed around Nov 2008 by LTD2-Reepo and LTD2-Fwank - but we usually celebrate our birthday in January each year. Since then, a lot of water (and drama) has passed under the bridge - but we are still here ! Over the years LTD2 has evolved into a great Halo 1 community who respect others, like to socialise online and enjoy playing and having fun.
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