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    Welcome to LTD2 clan.. we are a friendly Halo 1 clan and social community where fun and friendship is our main goal. Come and join us on our server some time.. Smile
  • Who are LTD2 ?

    Who are LTD2 ?

    LTD2 are a Halo 1 PC/CE gaming clan - founded in 2007. Our main game is CTF, but we also play other gametypes. Our weapon of choice is usually unlimited rockets, but we also enjoy shotguns. Our clan is made up from members of all ages groups. If you're interested in becoming a member of LTD2, then please contact us using the link above.
  • History


    LTD2 clan was initially formed around Nov 2007 - although we usually celebrate our birthday in January each year. Since 2007, a lot of water has passed under the bridge, but we are still here. Over the years LTD2 has evolved into a popular Halo 1 community, we like to socialise online and enjoy playing Halo and having fun.
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