October 23, 2019

Clan Rules

Our clan rules are there to help provide fairness and respect to all of our members, and since they have been in force, LTD2 has developed into a respected and democratic clan in the Halo PC community - where all our members have a voice and respected opinion.

All LTD2 members are expected to adhere to these rules at all times.

  1. LTD2 are a responsible family orientated clan who welcome players of all ages within a safe and responsibly monitored environment.
  2. IMPORTANT ! LTD2 do not accept membership of players under the age of 13 years without the consent of their parents. LTD2 accept no responsibility for the recruiting of members under 13 years of age who claim to be older.
  3. Members under the age of 13 years will not be registered or have access to member's areas on www.ltd2clan.net. This is due to the strict requirements set out by the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) which requires compliance and requirements out of the scope of LTD2 clan.
  4. Members are expected to wear their clan tags at all times when playing on LTD2 servers - with the exception of senior admins who periodically police our servers to ensure that they run as smoothly as possible.
  5. Members must respect and set a good example to all guests on our servers.. remember, that how you behave reflects on us all!
  6. All members must abide by LTD2 Server Rules when playing on LTD2 servers. Anyone found not adhering to server rules, will result in senior admins banning them for a set period of time - this will be in relevance to the severity of the issue.
  7. Members must not: swear (cuss), insult, taunt, disrespect, gloat, provoke, name call (i.e.. noob, camper etc.. ), make racist remarks or intimidate - which is liable to cause annoyance, hurt or distress towards any other players whilst playing on LTD2 or non-LTD2 servers. Remember that you are an ambassador for your clan.
  8. Friendly bantering by members is acceptable - unless the player you are bantering with considers it overly inappropriate - in which case you must stop immediately.
  9. LTD2 do not tolerate cheating. Members must not cheat or hack by any methods. Our servers are monitored regularly for cheats - any members caught cheating by ANY means.. e.g.. aimbots, hacks, intentional warping etc.. in order to gain advantage, will be banned pending investigation and will be expelled instantly from the clan if they are found to be cheating.
  10. Members are not permitted to form their own Halo PC clan or become a member of any other Halo PC clan (includes Halo Custom Edition). If they wish to do this, then they must terminate their LTD2 membership first.
  11. Any member who betrays the trust and comradeship of LTD2 and it's members may be removed from the clan and also banned from LTD2 servers.
  12. Members are not allowed to change their chosen name tag that they joined LTD2 with, without requesting permission from Senior Admins beforehand. This is so that the roster can be officially updated - and to avoid you being banned unnecessarily!
  13. Members having any disagreement with the decision of any LTD2 admin during gameplay, must not question their decision or display any bad behaviour, feelings or insulting language towards them because of it, but instead must contact a Senior Admin if they feel aggrieved - please remember that this is a public server!
  14. Members having disagreements with any other LTD2 members, must not air their disagreement in public on the servers or on the forums, and shall attempt to resolve the problem amicably. Disrespect, including bad or threatening behaviour between members will not be tolerated, and a senior admin must be notified if issues cannot be amicably resolved.
  15. Confidential LTD2 clan details such as server passwords, rcon, forum posts, members details or scrim strategies, must never be divulged to anyone outside of LTD2 - this will result in immediate expulsion from the clan. Note that this includes the passing of confidential details from LTD2 members to LTD2 new recruits.
  16. The offering of unsolicited material such as porn or illegal software etc. is forbidden between members. Members found doing this, risk having their membership terminated.
  17. Higher ranking members shall not abuse their authority over any other member.
  18. All members are expected to be active within the clan by using our official clan servers and to try and be involved in the clan via the clan forum and community area - please be aware that most of our clan news and scrim info is posted there. Please take some time to be involved a little, or you will miss out on any important clan news or scrim events etc.
  19. If you haven't been regularly active on our servers for a while, then your clan membership may be terminated.
  20. The breaking of LTD2 Clan Rules by any LTD2 members or recruits will result in disciplinary action being taken - the verdict to be decided by Senior Admins.

*LTD2 reserve the right to update these rules periodically.