July 12, 2020

Want to join LTD2?

LTD2 are always looking for good players.. not necessarily on skill, but players who we think can add something that little bit special to our community.. it doesn't matter what age you are.. young or old, as long as you're not under 14 then come and join us and be part of a fun social gathering of Halo players.

  1. All of our members follow a fair code of conduct which is outlined in our Clan Rules which you can find here: LTD2 CLAN RULES

    You can expect to find all of us polite, respectful and fair players - we expect you to be the same !

    Note that our server admins do not tolerate behaviour such as bad language, insults, racism, team betraying etc.. as outlined in our Server Rules which you can also find here: LTD2 SERVER RULES

    TIP! Ignoring our server rules is the easiest way to get yourself kicked or banned from our servers, either for a specific period of time or permanently + if you're the type of person that is incapable of controlling your behaviour and abiding by our rules, then don't even consider thinking of joining us Wink

  2. IMPORTANT - LTD2 clan do not accept responsibility for anyone accepting to join us who claim to be aged 13 years or over, when in fact they are not. (see Clan Rules)

  3. To apply to join us, please use our JOIN REQUEST form and we'll be in touch with you very soon.