June 05, 2020

Join Request

Before you send off the join request below, please ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you played recently on our servers ? If you haven't, then we would prefer that you do before asking to join us. Please appreciate that we would much prefer to have the chance to get to know you better, before you join us !
  • Is your ping showing below 180ms on our servers ? Join our server and check it out before applying to join us. We have autokick ping set at 180ms to help reduce lag, so if yours is above 180ms, please let us know what it is, so that we can decide if it's acceptable or not.
  • Are you already in another Halo PC/CE Clan ? If you are, then it's ok with us - as long as you use our LTD2 clan tag when you play on our servers.
  • If you become a member, do you expect to be active and play quite regular on our servers ? If not, then there's not much point in joining us.
  • Have you read our Clan Rules ? Please read them first, as you will have to agree to accept them when you send off your join request.