December 09, 2019

Scrim Rules


These rules are designed to ensure that scrims are fair for both participating clans. All participating Clan's scrim teams agree to the following rules - any disagreeance of these rules MUST be made known to LTD2 scrim organizers well before the scrim dates.

  1. PINGS - lag happens to everyone, so the minimum accepted ping will be 250 max. If a player's ping is over 250 they MUST swap with another player with a lower ping - this should only be necessary in scrims where the lag is bad.
  2. WARPS - some people warp due to connection issues etc. Unless it's really serious warping then that team must think about changing the player if it is that bad to ensure a fair game for everyone.
  3. XFIRE - this is well known to contribute to lag during gameplay - therefore all players are requested NOT to use it. Checks can and will be made and players found using it during a clan scrim may be kicked from the game.
  4. No permanent portal camping up close (BloodGulch map only) - from the big hill or from the ridge on red base side is accepted.. but standing behind portals up close just waiting for players to come through is unacceptable.
  5. No permanent camping inside base (BloodGulch only) - temporary jumping inside when opposition is there is ok.. on top of base etc. but not standing inside in corners just waiting for people to enter.
  6. No insults or bad language and no complaining like 'camper' 'cheat' etc.. players showing extreme insults or bad language must not be tolerated by the scrim server admin and either warned - or banned if they still continue.
  7. Both teams to show respect at all times.
  8. Teams are allowed to change players eg. red team wish to change one of their players for another.. maybe due to a player having to leave the game or maybe a more skilled player is required etc..
  9. If a player drops out from the scrim for whatever reason and no-one else replaces them, then the opposing team MUST drop one player also ie. changing from 8v8 to 7v7 etc.
  10. Bases are not to be blocked inside with vehicles (BloodGulch only) that prohibits access inside or outside.
  11. Clan scrim teams must be made up of registered clan members who are visibly shown on the Clan's Roster on Gametracker. Members from other clans - allied or not - are not permitted to represent the participating clan.
  12. The scrim server must contain no portal mods and be a standard Halo map - weapon mods are accepted as long as both teams agree to them.
  13. Gametypes are taken as agreed by both teams.
  14. Challenging clan must give the challenged clan choice of team for the 1st scrim.