Server Rules

These are our Server rules - they are there to help provide an environment for ALL players to have some fun. Please remember that our server sometimes have very young children playing, so please act responsibly.

Our server is paid for by our members and you are our guest - we want everyone to enjoy their time playing - all we ask in return is that you stick to the rules - anyone who can't do this may either be kicked or banned.

  1. OFFENSIVE NAME TAGS - this is the easiest way to get yourself banned without question or warning.
  2. BAD LANGUAGE - Bad language, insults, swearing, bad-mouthing obscene comments will not be tolerated and you will be warned by admins. Ignoring these warnings will result in you being kicked or banned.
  3. RACIST REMARKS - LTD2 has a zero tolerance on racial abuse and remarks - banning is the only way that we deal with this.
  4. BAD MOUTHING OF LTD2 - these are our servers which are paid for by our members, and you are our guest. We want you to enjoy playing on our servers, so bad-mouthing us is obviously the best way of getting you banned.
  5. HARASSMENT & DISRESPECT - please don't harass or call names ie. cheat, hacker, lagger etc., provoke, intimidate or be disrespectful to other players or admins. We know there are some of us who are more competitive and skilful than others, but we should respect each other before everything else. You may be kicked if you're unable to control yourself. If you still persist then admins will have no alternative but to ban you.
  6. GAME DISRUPTION - we only use shees in our CTF games, so please don't use shees to constantly harass and annoy players by disrupting a good game of CTF - this is not slayer. Behaving in this manner only irritates everyone else and it's important to understand that disrupting game flow will only cause people to leave the server, and this won't be tolerated. Players acting irresponsibly may be kicked.
  7. TEAM SHOOTING - you may be kicked if you are caught shooting at anyone in your own team. LTD2 servers also have AUTOBAN enabled and the server will automatically ban anyone who betrays anyone in their own team after 4 times.
  8. HIGH PINGS - pings of 250+ may be asked to leave.. we honestly don't want you to go, but high pings contribute in creating too much lag and ruins gameplay. If you refuse to leave you will have to be kicked. Maybe try and lower your ping by checking your home connection and make sure that no-one else is using it for streaming Netflix etc. or downloading etc.. also, if you're located a long way from our servers then you won't be able to do much about it - FYI our server is located in Germany.
  9. STEALING VEHICLES - purposely attempting to commandeer vehicles by nading or rocketing them when your team mates are trying to use them is not allowed, and will only result in you being automatically kicked.
  10. CHEATING - Don't cheat.. just don't do it - it'll be so embarrassing if you're caught and will only make you look a real nooooob with no actual skills.. and it WILL definitely get you banned forever and a day.
  11. PORTAL BLOCKING - It's OK to temporarily block portals as part of a temporary team strategy.. but permanently blocking portals is NOT allowed and is liable to get you kicked if you consistently block them.
  12. LTD2 CLAN TAGS - are not allowed by non-clan members on our server.
  13. AFK - If you're AFK over 3 minutes then you will be autokicked.
    1. Portal Camping - Portal camping is defined as "a person who continually loiters around a portal with their weapons trained on the portal ready for the opposition to come through, with the sole intent to kill them before they have a chance to defend themselves". Anyone found, or seen to be acting in this manner, will be warned or kicked for unsportsmanlike behaviour. What is permitted is for a player to be fighting the opposition in the proximity of a portal but firing away from the portal i.e. at the enemy base or surrounding opposition-held areas such as from red player at blue portal to blue base, big hill area / blue player on big hill to red base and opposition areas etc. IF the enemy is seen coming out of the nearby portal (or picked up on radar) the player is permitted to shoot the emerging opposition in order to defend themselves, but to stress again, NOT to have their weapons continually trained on the portal just waiting for players to emerge.
    2. Base Camping - hiding inside the base on a permanent basis (ie. not even playing in the game anywhere else) just waiting for the opposition to appear is not allowed. This ruins gameplay and offers no skill or effort - appreciate that players have maybe fought through strong opposition to reach base, only to be killed by a noob with no skill hiding in a corner. Taking up a defensive position on top of base or around base area however, is obviously allowed. Note also that there is a distinct difference between temporarily covering inside base when under attack, and permanently hiding in a corner! You will be warned and then kicked if you continue - or banned if you persist.
  15. TEAM SWAPPING - Players are not allowed to change teams:
    1. Just to go on to the stronger team
    2. If it would unbalance the teams, making it unfair ie. 6 v 4
    3. LTD2 members are expected to change teams to help balance numbers if teams are unfairly balanced. Members MUST check before changing teams to ensure that teams will not be unbalanced OR that the team they are leaving will not become weakened with lesser skilled players as a result of their changing. ALL members must be seen to act fairly and responsibly when changing teams.
    4. Anyone changing teams will be asked to change back by admins - a refusal will result in an admin placing you back to your original team. If you still insist on changing back again, then you will be kicked.
    5. If players become uncontrollable by changing teams, and teams are severely unbalanced as a result, then admins will be forced to balance the teams automatically. Any players who have scored flags will lose them if they find they have been changed to the opposite team by this process. This is obviously unfortunate, but balancing the teams is an automatic process.
  16. UNBANNING - If you feel you have been unfairly banned, then submit a request for us to unban you by contacting us via our contact form - give as much information as possible.